Temporary Art manifestation on Betonplaat, Rotterdam

Four and a half weeks of dazzling sun and spectacular lightning storms. Six football fields of concrete, asphalt and water. Nighttime floating on styrofoam rafts. This morning a pair of swans dropped by at our temporary living and working quarters. Soon the gates of BETONPLAAT will be openend and all are welcome to join us.

Friday the 21st of August from: 15:00 - 21:00 hour

Saturday the 22nd of August from: 12:00 - 18:00 hour

Sunday the 23rd of August from: 12:00 - 18:00 hour

Bring your own beverages and umbrellas!

Regretfully COVID-19 forces us to deviate from our familiar formula. There will be no formal opening, no party, no real shelter, and we can not provide you with food and refreshments aside from a glass of water.


IPIHAN is concerned with everybody's safety and will act in accordance with COVID-19 regulations, which will be communicated clearly at the entrance of BETONPLAAT at Rolf Hartkoornweg 50, Rotterdam.

Rolf Hartkoornweg 50,  Rotterdam            www.instagram.com/ipihan_the_project             www.facebook.com/ifparadiseishalfasnice

Pim Palsgraaf / Daan Botlek / Willem Besselink / Ties Ten Bosch / Regina Kelaita / Jordy Walker / Michiel Jansen / Toine Klaassen / Esther Kokmeijer / Guus Vreeburg / Leslie Nagel / Marieke van der Lippe