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About us


If Paradise Is Half As Nice (IPIHAN) is a self-initiated art project focused on making art in abandoned buildings. It is aimed at leaving the comfort of the studio to experiment with new ways to conceive concepts, works of art, and ultimately an exhibition. In less than four weeks a location has to be found, artworks are being made, and an exhibition is being organized. Basically we take over a building for a few weeks and make art with what the building has to offer us (materials, space, history, the dynamics of decay). These conditions make for a 'pressure cooker' effect: the fast exchange of ideas, the limited time to execute them, finding ways to realize them without getting noticed by the authorities, and the camaraderie to make all of this happen. Growing into a legal/semi-official project provided new possibilities and challenges, making IPIHAN an ever-evolving venture.


Artists participating in the project so far (on invitation):

Pim Palsgraaf

Daan Botlek

Willem Besselink

Ties Ten Bosch

Bram Braam

Regina Kelaita

Jordy Walker

Toine Klaassen

Aletta de Jong

Onno Poiesz

Aaron Thier

Janne Eraker

Sebastian Weber


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