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If Paradise Is Half As Nice #7

(date of exhibition: August 11 - 13, 2017)



For this edition of IPIHAN the so called Nudelfabrik in the town of Zeitz was 'occupied'. The building was constructed in 1902 by the company of Max Emmerling which produced children's biscuits and ‘Makkaroni’. In the years that followed the factory was extended with new wings and floors. When the DDR was established Max Emmerling’s company got disowned and became part of the VEB OGIS (Obst, Gemüse und Industrielle Speise-kartoffeln). After 1989 the building was successively in use by the companies Ährengold Nudeln, Bagel bakery and PMP Möbelhaus.

The characteristic building has been vacant since the start of the century but recently it was bought by Birgit and Mathias Mahnke. Soon they will start renovations and spaces for artists and small companies will be made available.

The 7th edition of IPIHAN consisted of ten participating artists, including guest artists Maurice Meewisse and Judy van Luyk. Historian Guus Vreeburg accompanied the group and made a thorough research on the factory building, the firm Emmerling and the family Emmerling. The results of his research have been presented in a lecture (in German) held on the second day of the exhibition.

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