If Paradise Is Half As Nice #5

(date of exhibition: September 3 - 6, 2015)



For the second time, IPIHAN this year collaborated with 'Tag der Industriekultur'. And just like in Vlissingen a few months earlier, this was a legal event. The owner of the building had become quite enthusiastic about the event and provided the building to be used as an exhibition space. These circumstances made it possible to put more effort into organizing an opening event. Aaron Thier made a sound installation at the entrance, while Toine Klaassen did a performance which asked for the involvement of all of the audience. Later on that evening, Janne Eraker and Sebastian Weber did an impressive/expressive tap dance performance. Afterwards, there were dj's, drinks and sausages at the fireplace outside - all of this made it into a memorable, festival-like event. During the next days of the exhibition arthistorian Guus Vreeburg also gave a lecture about the remarkable history of 'If Paradise Is Half As Nice' so far.

IPIHAN #5 was realized in the Dietzold factory in the Franz-Flemming-Straße, Leipzig. The Dietzold factory was built in 1905 for the production of fur. About ten years later it was changed into a factory for metal products. The construction of the building was reinforced to do so. After that the function changed again to produce electrical switches and eventually for storage of corn seed. After the Berlin wall came down, the building became redundant. Since a few years it has a new owner and is used as a studio building, organized by HausHalten.