If Paradise Is Half As Nice #3

(date of exhibition: September 4 - 7, 2014)



This year the final presentation of 'If Paradise Is Half As Nice' was part of 'Tag der Industriekultur', an annual festival celebrating the industrial past and present of the city of Leipzig. As an illegal event, being part of the official line-up of the festival made it a bit more complicated to receive an audience. To deal with this, the audience was guided through the building at specific times. We organized four guided tours to and through the exhibition within four days, with each artist presenting and explaining his work to the spectators. The same artists as previous edition were part of this year's event. As an addition to the team, Regina Kelaita joined in to make a short documentary about the proceedings (see 'The making of'). All this took place at the 'VEB Kombinat Getreidewirtschaft Leipzig' (Getreidemühle Mockau) at Essener Straße, a former wheat silo build as a bombsave concrete construction in 1937.  In 2015 the building was going to be renovated into a car dealer’s showroom and educational center. This meant that when we first arrived there, the building was already stripped down to a bare concrete structure, making it perfect for an exhibition. During the work period, there were some surprise visits of construction engineers, through which we learned the building was going to be renovated very soon. This situation was seriously jeopardizing the upcoming exhibition. Luckily the engineers didn't realize what was about to happen in the building, so no authorities were alarmed. The exhibition was a success.


Apart from this, a smaller yet more 'official' exhibition was organized at 'Postindustriale - Der Raum'. Apart from the works on display, lectures about the history and future of industrial buildings in Rotterdam and Leipzig respectively were given by Dutch art historian Guus Vreeburg and German architect Bernd Sikora.