If Paradise Is Half As Nice #9  in Zeitz, 21 July - 25 Aug 2019.

If Paradise Is Half As Nice #9 will take place this year in July and August. After last years' big success in Altenburg we now go back to Zeitz with 10 artists to breathe new life into an abandoned shampoo factory (Zitza). After working on site for 5 weeks we will open doors (the 23th to the 25th of August) with a spectacular event, with exhibition, tours, performances and more. To make this happen we need help to fill our budget. So we would kindly like to ask you to contribute to our crowdfunding project! We thank you a lot and want to reward your support with following gifts:

To get a taste of what to expect of ipihan #9, please watch last years documentation

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under 20 Euro: A super thank you!

Thank you very much for sponsoring our project! Keep on following us on all our channels.

20 Euro: Set of Postcards

Thank you very much and as a reward for being

so generous we send you a set of postcards to spread the word!


45 Euro: T-Shirt (new design)

Great! We appreciate your great support with a new IPIHAN shirt designed by artist Daan Botlek!


60 Euro: Kalender

You can start planning your next year trip to IPIHAN with our own IPIHAN calendar. Hope to see you there – 24th to 26th August!


90 Euro: 1 edition box

You do not only like art, you also support it generously. That’s why you receive one artwork by one of the IPIHAN artists.


180 Euro: triple edition box

This is a big support and that is why we say “thank you” with a box with no less than three artworks by three different artists from IPIHAN.

280 Euro: five edition box

Wow, we thank you so much! This is unbelievably great. We reward this great gesture with no less than six artworks by six IPIHAN artists. We hope to see you at the opening of one of our projects to share a glass with you!


450 Euro: full edition box

Jackpot! You really must love art! And that is why you will receive an artwork by every single artist involved in the project. Let’s drink to that at our opening!


1000 Euro: VIP arrangement (only 3 available!)

We are speechless. You are one of us! You do not only support the arts, but the artist way of life as well! And that is why we would like to invite you to our project and share two days and two nights with us at IPIHAN 2019. You get the full treatment: live two full days as a full member of the IPIHAN project. You will sleep where we sleep, eat with us, live with us and make art with us. Choose two days and we will arrange for you to come over and share with you all our secrets to a great IPIHAN way of life!


Stichting Christian Weissenfels TRIODOS bank
IBAN: NL73 TRIO 0379303159

SUBJECT: IPIHAN 8 + your email contact


Stichting Christian Weissenfels TRIODOS bank
IBAN: NL73 TRIO 0379303159

SUBJECT: IPIHAN 9 + your email contact

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