If Paradise Is Half As Nice #6

(date of exhibition: August 11 - 14, 2016)



The building known as Polygraph was built in 1910 for OMEGA, a Leipzig based filament and light bulb factory. From 1929 it was used by the Company Hoh&Hahne, that has been producing photomechanical machines and tools under its brand name ‘Hohlux’. After the second world war Hoh&Hahne partly moved to West Germany and partly continued in its building as VEB Reprotechnik. Later it became part of VEB Polygraph, which produced printing machines. After 'the wall' came down the company Polygraph ceased to exist and since then the building has been sitting empty.

This year for the first time we had the assistance of 2 interns; Daniël Kipp and Jelle Jongmans. History student Daniël joined arthistorian Guus Vreeburg in his thorough research about the different guises of the Polygraph building. They presented their results at a lecture they gave during the exhibition. Besides this Daniël was also a great help in promoting the project by writing the newsletters for IPIHAN. Recently graduated artist Jelle assisted all artists where needed and eventually focussed on his own project, the creation of a fabulous bar for the opening event. 

Again some new artists joined the project. Sybille Neumeyer made a kinectic installation which made it possible for the audience to track the wind in its movement through the building. Michiel Jansen made two impressive sculptures inspired by the staircase of the Polygraph. Janne Eraker invited Ans Kanen and Ildikó Tóth to join her in creating a dance performance. The performance 'Werk' was based on factory labor of times past. During the opening night Maurice Meewisse presented his 'casting' fireplace, full of slices of aluminium. During the fire the aluminium would melt into a mold under the fireplace, creating a sculpture while having a good time.

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