If Paradise Is Half As Nice #2

(date of exhibition: October 12, 2013)



Motivated by all enthusiastic feedback received for the spontaneous 'If Paradise Is Half As Nice' exhibition in 2012, a second edition was organized in the autumn of 2013. This time, apart from Pim Palsgraaf and Daan Botlek, artists Willem Besselink, Bram Braam and Ties Ten Bosch participated as well. The same code of conduct used for the first edition was applied once more: One week to find a suitable location for working and for receiving an audience, and then three weeks for creating the artworks and for organizing the exhibition. This year the artists found an ideal location at the 'Ehemalige Motorenwerk und Heeresbäckerei' in the Olbrichtstraße in Leipzig/Möckern. The former Heeresbäckerei is a complex of warehouses, silos and other utility buildings build around 1900 as the bakery part of an extensive miltary barracks complex.


To fully analyse and evaluate the influence of the space on the exhibited artworks, two additional presentations were organized in 'regular' galleries. Right after the exhibition at the Heeresbäckerei the artworks were transported to Berlin to be exhibited at Atelierhof Kreuzberg on October 18, 2013. On January 10, 2014 the works were also exhibited at Frank Taal Gallery in hometown Rotterdam.

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