If Paradise Is Half As Nice #1

(date of exhibition: October 14, 2012)



On 27 September 2012, Rotterdam artists Pim Palsgraaf and Daan Botlek impromptu decided to go to Leipzig. Being tired of the restrictions of the confined space of their studios, they travelled to the German city to use one of the many abandoned buildings there as a temporary working space. After a week of exploring various sites they settled down in the 'Ehemalige Jutespinnerei und Weberei' in the Lützner Straße in Leipzig/Lindenau. While working there both artists realized that such a building does not only influence your way of working, it also influences the way you experience the works as a spectator. This realization sparked the idea to show the works in an exhibition organized at that same location. Within a week the first 'If Paradise Is Half As Nice' exhibition opened its doors. The clandistine presentation proved to be a success for both artists and audience, showing an unexpected potential for future adventures.

This one month of searching, working, organizing, promoting and guiding served as a blueprint for many succesive editions.

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